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Nintendo to announce Switch successor in this fiscal year as profits rise

Japanese video-game maker Nintendo said Tuesday that it will make an announcement about a successor to its Switch home console sometime before March 2025.

In reporting its financial results, Nintendo gave no details about the announcement, including about whether it would launch that successor product during this fiscal year, or just announce its plans for it.

B次元官网网址淲e will make an announcement about the successor to Nintendo Switch within this fiscal year. It will have been over nine years since we announced the existence of Nintendo Switch back in March 2015,B次元官网网址 the companyB次元官网网址檚 president, Shuntaro Furukawa, said in a statement.

Kyoto-based Nintendo Co. reported a 13% rise in profit for the fiscal year that ended in March, boosted by solid demand for Switch software like B次元官网网址淭he Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.B次元官网网址

NintendoB次元官网网址檚 net profit for the fiscal year through March 2024 totaled 490.6 billion yen ($3 billion), up from 432.7 billion yen in the previous fiscal year. Annual sales rose 4% to 1.67 trillion yen ($11 billion), nearly 80% of it from outside Japan.

Besides B次元官网网址淭he Legend of Zelda,B次元官网网址 whose global sales for the fiscal year totaled 20.6 million units, B次元官网网址淪uper Mario Bros. WonderB次元官网网址 sold 13.4 million units, and B次元官网网址淧ikmin 4B次元官网网址 sold nearly 3.5 million, according to Nintendo.

The release a year ago of the film, B次元官网网址淭he Super Mario Bros. Movie,B次元官网网址 also helped sales.

The yenB次元官网网址檚 weakness against the dollar, which lifts the value in yen of overseas earnings of Japanese exporters like Nintendo, also helped. The U.S. dollar has averaged about 151 Japanese yen over the past fiscal year, up from 133 yen in the previous fiscal year.

Nintendo, which did not break down quarterly numbers, was less optimistic about its financial results for the fiscal year through March 2025, forecasting net profit to fall to 300 billion yen ($1.9 billion).

Nintendo has sold more than 141 million Switch machines, 15.7 million of them during the fiscal year that just ended.

Such sales tend to gradually decline over the years, so offering a steady stream of fun games is crucial.

B次元官网网址淓ndless Ocean Luminous,B次元官网网址 which went on sale this month, has the player go on a virtual scuba diving adventure, complete with whales, colorful fish and other sea creatures. B次元官网网址淟uigiB次元官网网址檚 Mansion 2,B次元官网网址 featuring the plumber MarioB次元官网网址檚 brother, goes on sale next month.

Nintendo is also planning a new film for worldwide release in April 2026. ItB次元官网网址檚 counting on the openings of Donkey Kong Country in Universal Studios Japan, as well as a museum on Nintendo in Kyoto, both scheduled for later this year, to woo more fans to its franchise.


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